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Algerians to train police in CCTV camera handling

The director general of the Algerian National Security, Maj Gen Abdelghani Hamel has said his country will train Uganda’s police personnel in the proper handling of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to fight crime.“The next training of Ugandan police officers will be in Algeria in October, many officers are expected to attend different courses such as cybercrime to improve the quality of investigation of cases using modern technology, forensics, counter terrorism and also provide DNA equipment,” he said on September 12 during his visit to police headquarters, Naguru.He said the Algerian national police will also oversee the countrywide installation of CCTV cameras in Uganda. The video surveillance platform is one of the several benefits Uganda is getting from a memorandum of understanding signed between the Algerian civil police (Directorate General for National Security) and Uganda Police Force. Uganda vice president Edward Kiwanuka shakes hands with Gen. Abdelghani Hamel president of AFRIPOL and director general Algerian National SecurityPolice spokesperson Asan Kasingye recently said that Algeria is far ahead of Uganda in very many areas, including CCTV surveillance, which government has arranged to install next financial year 2017/18.  Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura said Algeria will also train Ugandan officers and advise the force’s specialized units.“We welcome the cooperation between the two sister forces and thank you for understanding our needs and quickly coming in to assist us in our efforts to modernize the police…,” Kayihura told the visiting Algerian team of experts at Naguru.The experts were in the country to assess how they can help improve the Ugandan police. The Algerians also attended the East African Police Chiefs Cooperation conference that ends today, Friday. Thirteen African countries attended the conference.Kayihura, who is also the vice chairman of the African Police Organization (Afripol), thanked Algeria for creating the organization, which helps the two countries manage their security better. Algeria 200,000 police officers manning a population of 38 million people.