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Sunday, August 9th, 2020


The people behind COVID-19 lockdown injunction, are now for enforcing more stringent measures

Our new Attorney General Dr Chikosa Silungwe, the conguring hero of the Malawi Election case

LILONGWE (MaraviPost): The Malawi elections are over and the opposition that the Malawi Judiciary favored is now in power and it is cool to force lockdown measures on the Coronavirus.

Now the HRDC is nowhere to be found when poor Malawians are being threatened with fines. Peter Mutharika did not go that far. Now they say this is the New Malawi.

Our new Attorney General Dr Chikosa Silungwe, the o ne that defended Lazarus Chakwera in the election case, says Public Health (Coronavirus and COVID-19) Prevention, Containment and Management Rules, 2020,  QRE gazetted on Friday AND CAME  to force on Saturday 8th August, 2020.

The FAMED, Dr. Silungwe made the announcement Sunday at a press conference held at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

“What the rules have done is to convey the measures for the country to combat Covid-19, that never existed during the run up to the judiciary forced elections.

The Famed new AG claims the rules contain general preventive measures to contain the escalation of COVID-19 like wearing face masks(do not forget he is going to fine you), provide for social distance of at least one metre from each other, washing hands with soap.

The conquering AG also said gatherings of more than ten people will not be allowed except for national assembly and meetings to discuss COVID-19.

Malawians no weddings, No funerals. Apparently when Peter Mutharika said it was just rumblings from a tired old man.

The conquering AG was joined by Presidential Taskforce Co-Chairpersons Hon Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda MP, Minister of Health and Dr John Phuka Minister of Information who is also government spokesperson Hon Gospel Kazako and Dr Charles Mwansambo Secretary for Health

By the way when was injunction lifted? How are they able to enforce these measures? Malawi Judiciary, I hear you won an award for the coup you started. Where are you on this?.

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L’Égypte reçoit 250 respirateurs artificiels de l’USAID pour faire face au coronavirus

Par Mohamed Fayed — L’Agence américaine pour le développement international (USAID) a offert 250 respirateurs artificiels aux hôpitaux égyptiens, pour soutenir les efforts du gouvernement égyptien dans la lutte contre le coronavirus.Dans ce cadre, la ministre égyptienne de la coopération internationale a expliqué que la pandémie de la Covid-19 a incité les pays à renforcer la coopération entre eux en réponse aux besoins humanitaires émergents, ajoutant que le partenariat entre l’Égypte et les USA reflète l’esprit de responsabilité partagée et incarne les principes de solidarité mutuelle au profit de leurs peuples.

Il est à noter que le gouvernement égyptien avait auparavant fourni un lot d’aide médicale aux États-Unis en avril dernier pour contribuer à soutenir les efforts de lutte contre la Covid-19.

Pour rappel, le portefeuille de coopération de l’USAID en Égypte s’est élevé à plus de 30 milliards de dollars depuis 1978, couvrant plusieurs secteurs. La part du secteur de la santé de ce portefeuille a atteint plus d’un milliard de dollars. Cette aide vise, entre autres, à améliorer la santé et la nutrition des mères et des enfants et à éliminer les maladies infectieuses.

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South Korea’s landslides, floods claims 30 lives

South Korea’s safety ministry said the Seoul area and the southern region are expected to receive more heavy rain in the coming days [Lee Jin-man/AP]

GOKSEONG-(MaraviPost)-At least 30 people have died in South Korea after the country’s longest monsoon in seven years which has resulted into floods, landslides and forced people to evacuate from their homes.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety confirmed the news in a statement.

According to the weather official in the country Woo Jin-kyu, most places in South Korea had received three to four times more rainfall last week than the average rainfall recorded in the same period across the last 30 years.

Reuters report revealed that the country’s heavy rains for the last 46 days has left more than 3,700 people displaced on Friday and Saturday alone and 12 still missing.

Other reports revealed that at least five homes were buried in a landslide on Friday from a mountain behind a village in Gokseong, South Jeolla province, killing five people.

Approximately 9,300 hectares (22,980 acres) of farmland were swamped or buried, while 9,500 cases of damage to public and private facilities forcing the country’s forestry agency has raised landslide warnings to its highest level in every region except the holiday island of Jeju.

According to the Korean Meteorological Administration, the season’s fifth tropical cyclone, is expected to hit the southern region of the Korean Peninsula from Monday.

The latest weather forecasts has predicted that this year’s monsoon may last longer that the recorded longest monsoon in the country that lasted 49 days in 2013.

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Malawi into silent Covid-19 lockdown… Only 10 people allowed for gathering

Malawi Covid-19 cases up

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi is now into silent Covid-19 lockdown following rise cases of the pandemic.

Although, the authority has not come open with new Covid-19 prevention measures, its clear that Malawians are into lockdown effective August 8, 2020 .

Addressing the joint news conference on Sunday, August 9, 2020 in the capital Lilongwe, Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda says Malawi is losing productive citizens due to the pandemic and as such, wearing masks is now mandatory in order to contain the disease.

On the new gazzated rules and regulations, Attorney General (AG) Chikosa Silungwe has said the gazzated rules came into force from Saturday, August 8, 2020.

Silungwe says an army of enforcement officers has been put in place comprising health officers, immigration officers, men in uniform and chiefs among others.

According to AG, face masks include medical masks and indeed cloth masks.

All gathering of more than 10 people is forbiden unless in special cases of funeral where the number of people gathered should not exceed 50.

He says an area can also be closed if deemed so, if it has recorded many cases of Covid-19.

People who fail to adhere to the measures will be required to pay a fine of MK10,000.

Malawians are yet to comply with government order.

As of August 8, 2020, Malawi had 4624 Covid-19 cases with 143 deaths

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Talking Blues: Presidential benefit of doubt? That quota is exhausted

Kamuzu era, Bakili’s lost decade, Bingu’s first and second terms, Joyce Banda’s cash-gate stained short stint, Peter Mutharika’s six years of plunder and today, Chakwera’s supposedly “tonse” time.

Written by Mapwiya Muulupale

Since independence, Malawi has had six presidents who have presided over ‘seven’ regimes.

We had the Kamuzu era, Bakili’s lost decade, Bingu’s first and second terms, Joyce Banda’s cash-gate stained short stint, Peter Mutharika’s six years of plunder and today, Chakwera’s supposedly “Tonse” time.

Six presidents in ‘seven’ regimes because Bingu’s first term was distinctively different from his abortive second term; while the first was a fresh breath of air, the second was as foul as Vulcan’s stithy.

One of the mistakes we have repeatedly made to date is dropping our guard under the pretext of granting an incoming leader the “benefit of doubt” at the start of a new reign.

Blues’ Orators permit me to belabor this point.

When you have to give someone the “benefit of doubt” for whatever reasons under whatever circumstances, that should serve as a red flag.

It means that against your better instincts and judgement, you are making exceptions you will live to regret.

Let me elaborate.

In 1994, we voted for ‘wakuba yemweyo’. Apart from the defunct The Democrat, no mainstream media outlet ever referred to the six pounds episode or truck bought with party membership cards funds.

Yet, these were and remain historical facts. In other words, red flags. Why?

Because everybody wanted to give the first multiparty president “the benefit of doubt”.

Late Bingu wa Mutharika assumed office in 2004. Knowing he was widely expected to be a puppet, he ditched Muluzi and went on to impress.

Despite exhibiting tell-tale dictatorial proclivities and extravagant tastes, e.g. attempted procurement of Maybach we did not need; Malawians – generous to a fault in dishing out benefits of doubt – gave him a parliamentary majority in 2009.

Result: his second term was hell. Yet, the red flags had been waving from 2004 to 2009.

In came Joyce Banda. Good intentions aside, she came unprepared for the presidency. The benefit of doubt weighed in. Two years later, JB was probably the most despised woman in Malawi.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)’s Peter Mutharika had already goofed beyond reasonable doubt three times.

Touted as a lawyer of note upon return home, there is nothing positive to remember him by in the Ministry of Justice’s library. Zilch. Nonteri. Nothing.

As Minister of Education, he flopped, and as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he was an unmitigated disaster.

Three bloody red flags.

Now check this: as early as July 2014, Z Allan Ntata Esq – a former DPP hardliner turned voice crying out in the wilderness – warned us that DPP under Peter Mutharika, had no intention to deliver good governance.

But alas, we crowned Ntata and his uncommon sense the height of sour grapes.

“Because he hasn’t been appointed anything, he is bitter,” we conveniently wrote off his SOS.

Having thus shot the messenger, we issued yet another blank cheque from our infinite reservoir of benefits of doubt.

Ntata stuck to his guns. Today, the DPP has proved him right. The cost? MK1.3 trillion and counting.

If Ntata was not as angry as we are with the looting, I would have ended this discourse here with a rhetorical: look who is laughing now! Knowing however that we are going through a catharsis and hopefully becoming wiser, I will proceed.

But before I proceed, would you agree or disagree with the assertion that: ‘it is impossible to make the same mistake twice’?

What do you think?

Can one make the same mistake twice?

My view is that you cannot make the same mistake twice because the second time you make the same mistake, it is no longer a mistake.

It is a choice.

In fact, if you make the same mistake thrice or more times, it is a habit, not a mistake.

The Public Affairs Committee (Pac), probably wary of getting wrong again, has refused to join the benefit of doubt bandwagon. It paid President Lazarus Chakwera a visit and volunteered its concerns.

In a statement read to Chakwera by Pac’s Chairperson Monsignor Patrick Thawale, Pac advised Chakwera on several fronts.

On executive arrogance, Pac said Malawi’s past leaders behaved as if “Malawi is their property” and hence brooked no constructive criticism.

“Pac wishes to caution Tonse Alliance that generations have changed, and Malawians are not the same as they were 10 years ago. They have just given you a chance. As an alliance, you must stick to the principles and values you agreed to jointly develop this country,” said Pac.

Nepotism, tribalism, and regionalism were also highlighted, and Chakwera was accordingly warned.

In a word: Lilongwe should not become the new Thyolo. Not again. Malawians rejected this once and for all.

“It has been a trend for governments to award positions to people from areas where they amassed more votes. You are aware of these issues. We are just emphasizing [the advice] so that they are at the back of your mind,” Pac continued.

Pac then hit the nail on the head and advised Chakwera to avoid falling into the trap of ‘backyard cabinets.

“While it inevitable that each leadership may have people, he/she trusts more, too much reliance on ‘backyard cabinets may guide you into a wrong direction because of conflicting interests,” Thawale said.

Pac did not mince words on the size and composition of President Chakwera’s maiden Cabinet and wished to know what happened to Chakwera’s 2014 promise of a lean Cabinet of between 14 and 20 ministers.

The long and short of it is that we should discontinue dispensing benefits of doubt. Pac has set the pace, let us follow suit and demand the best and only the best from the very beginning because m‘mera mpoyamba.

Look here, when campaigning, neither Chakwera nor Chilima offered a list of excuses as to why they would not deliver.  They gave us promises and pledges. That is all we should demand, always. Had they wanted the benefit of doubt, they are both eloquent enough and would have said so. They did not.

They made promises, we expect those promises to be delivered, with zero excuses.

The presidential quota for “benefit of doubt” is now exhausted. Chakwera and Chilima, we – the people – are waiting in anticipation.

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Malawi Veteran politician & Covid-19 survivor Frank Mwenefumbo aids Karonga hospital with oxygen concentrator

Covid-19 survivor Frank Mwenefumbo aids Karonga hospital with oxygen concentrator

By Lusekero Mhango

KARONGA-(MaraviPost)-Veteran politician Frank Mwenefumbo on Friday, August 7, 2020 aided the Karonga District Hospital by donating an OxygenConcentrator as a way of assisting the facility in the battle to contain the Deadly Corona Virus.

The items which also included drips, Masks and gloves are valued at over MK 1million.

Speaking in an interview after the donation Mwenefumbo who recently recovered from COVID-19 himself, said he felt duty bound to help the hospital aid other people who may contract the virus.

“In appreciation to the good work that our health workers did to me and looking at their shortfalls in terms of resources and equipment I realised that I had to come in and do my part in assisting Government’s effort in fighting the pandemic hence the donation,” he said.

The former Member of Parliament (MP) for Karonga Central Constituency therefore challenged fellow citizens to also do their part by complimenting Government in the battle to contain the pandemic by donating equipment when the opportunity arises.

Director of Health and Social Services for Karonga David Sibale, hailed the timely gesture saying the donation of the Concentrator will not only help to fight COVID-19 but also assist in other ailments at the facility.

“As a hospital we are lacking a lot of equipment so the donation of the oxygenconcentrator is very timely as now we have two of these machines thus we are thankful to the Honourable for the donation,” he articulated.

However Sibale has urged people from the district to continue following the prevention measures guideline by among others continuing frequent hand washing and wearing masks in public or crowded places.

Currently Karonga has recorded 73 Corona Virus cases with three deaths

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Malawi President Chakwera reaffirms of reducing presidential powers

Malawi President Chakwera reaffirms of reducing presidential powers

By Chilimunthaka

MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-In most cases political campaign promises are taken and used as mere worms to catch fish, but to Malawi’s president Dr. Lazarus Chakwera promises must be fulfilled for they are credit to the promisee.

Walking his talk to campaign promises and the promises he made during his inaugural on July 6,2020 the position of the University Chancellor whose powers are stretched in the arms of the president has become the first to be affected by the promise to reduce presidential powers.

The news came to known in public during the 3rd weekly radio address on Saturday August 8, 2020 by president Chakwera.

Unlike his predecessors, Chakwera has shown to take his promises seriously with only 6 weeks in office.

Among other things, Chakwera promised to uncover corruption and plunder of public resources by public officers and fight these malpractices, a promise that has led to interrogation and arrests of some public and political officials.

He also promised to abolish the Fertilizer Input Subsidy Program (FISP) for universal subsidy which is now known as Agricultural Inputs Program (AIP).

On developmental projects his government has already revamped stalled projects in all regions of the country like the longtime sang Chakadza bridge in Mzimba.

The stripping off of the position of the University Chancellor from the president may see independent members being the Chancellor basing on the criteria that will be set.

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Covid-19 : des acteurs culturels ivoiriens plaident pour un accompagnement du gouvernement

Des acteurs culturels ivoiriens qui estiment « avoir été oubliés » dans l’octroi des soutiens du gouvernement ivoiriens aux couches socioprofessionnelles impactées par la Covid-19 dans le pays, ont plaidé samedi à Abidjan pour un accompagnement de l’État.«C’est un monde qui a été le plus impacté par la Covid-19.  Nous plaidons pour qu’il y ait un regard tourné vers ce monde de la culture qui contribue fortement au développement de la Côte d’Ivoire. Ce que nous attendons du gouvernement,  c’est de l’accompagnement, une subvention», a dit l’artiste-chanteur ivoirien Traoré Salif dit A’Salfo après une rencontre avec Hamed Bakayoko, le nouveau premier ministre.

« Ce n’est qu’avec un accompagnement que la culture va donner une belle image du pays à l’extérieur. Il est temps que nous soyons accompagnés à notre juste valeur », a-t-il poursuivi, reconnaissant déjà l’effort effectué par le gouvernement.

A’Salfo qui était accompagné de plusieurs acteurs culturels ivoiriens à cette rencontre, a affirmé être venus avec ses pairs, pour féliciter le nouveau chef du gouvernement ivoirien pour sa nomination et profiter pour lui présenter les difficultés de leur corporation.

« Avec le premier ministre, nous avons encore parlé de culture. Nous avons discuté des perspectives et de la contribution de la culture qui est aussi l’une des priorités de sa mission», a ajouté le chanteur.

Dans la foulée, A’Salfo et ses confrères ont plaidé auprès du premier ministre ivoirien, pour la libération du S. Kelly, un artiste-chanteur ivoirien incarcéré à Bouaké après des publications sur les réseaux sociaux.

« On a un des nôtre qui a eu un dérapage et qui est aujourd’hui incarcéré à Bouaké (Centre ivoirien). Donc nous avons présenté nos excuses au nom de toute la corporation au premier ministre et demandé aussi sa clémence pour qu’il soit libéré», a indiqué A’Salfo estimant que les hommes de la culture n’ont pas leur place en prison.

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Shocking! Nigerian man gets his wife’s mother pregnant

LAGOS-(MaraviPost)-A Nigerian woman identified as Nkechi Mbakwe has been left in tears after she learnt devastating news that her husband has impregnated her biological mother.

According to reports Roseline Nkemka a mother to Mbakwe visited her daughter and her husband after the couple was blessed with a child.

It is said the mother was supposed to help the newly couple take care of their baby in relation to a ceremony called ‘omugwo’

Nkechi explained how one of her close friends told her how her mom and her husband go to a hotel around Lafia Polytechnic, along Jos-Akwanga road to lodge and make love during the day leaving her new baby with the house help.

Having been told what happens between her husband and mom, Nkechi trailed them to the hotel and caught her husband making love with her mom.

According to her, she said her husband refused to come back home since she caught him in the act.

Nkechi explained that three weeks after, her mom went for a test and was told she is pregnant for her husband.

She however said she does not know how to handle the situation and cannot live to see her mom give birth for her husband.

Mr. Emeka Eze, a family relative, told WAR, Nkechi’s mother has since refused to abort the baby, pointing out it is a taboo to engage in abortion.

Eze said Nkechi’s mother argues that the only reason Nkech is alive is that she did not abort her, therefore she won’t abort her pregnancy for any reason whatsoever.

WAR learned that although Nkechi’s mother is feeling remorse and deeply regrets her action, she has since decided that aborting is not an option and has made up her mind to carry and born the baby.

Nkechi has since confirmed the incident to WAR but said she will never forgive her husband and mom, pointing out they betrayed and stabbed her from behind.

She however added that she regrets inviting her mom for Omugwo, pointing at how other women had gone for their daughters Omugwo and made them happy, and wonders why hers is different.

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Malawi’s Ntcheu sex worker retires at 38 after satisfying over 10,000 men

Ntcheu sex worker retires at 38 after satisfying over 10,000 men

NTCHEU-(MaraviPost)-A sex worker in Ntcheu who has rendered her services to over 10,000 men has retired at 38 after an 18 year impressive career in taking care of men.

The sex worker who is famously known as Samantha has for 18 years successfully served men and women in Ntcheu and other districts without contracting HIV.

“I’m a proud person to retire without contracting HIV and I know it is by luck, imagine sharing bed with thousands of men excluding women without falling under the jaws of HIV/AIDS, ” she highlighted.

She added: “I discovered that I can make money without bothering anyone after a failed marriage in 2001. My ex-husband left me for a woman who had a dozen of chitenje dresses, so my plan was to make money for new dresses and compete with her but later chose to keep my career.”

Samantha confided to Akometsi that during her peaky time she once served a government minister who was also close to the president and overheard him speaking to the president about state house horror incident.

“You may think it’s nothing but hearing someone I just had sex with speaking to the state president is one of the achievements I will never forget. The president called my dear client who used to pay me a sum of MK45,000 every time I satisfied him- telling him about ghosts at the state house,” she said without going into much details claiming privacy matters in her business.

The retired sex worker pompously revealed that she managed to build a house that has solar power and a safe water pump and plans to open a bar at Kampepuza to empower other women who are in prostitution for business.

Records from our archive indicates that Ntcheu is one of the districts in the country with a high number of sex workers and there is a high rate of HIV/AIDS cases.

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