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Thursday, December 26th, 2019


Israël: Netanyahu revendique une « immense victoire » à la primaire du Likoud

Publié le 27.12.2019 à 01h52 par AFP

Le Premier ministre israélien Benjamin Netanyahu, inculpé pour corruption, a annoncé vendredi avoir remporté une « immense victoire » à la primaire de son parti le Likoud, qu’il conduira de nouveau aux législatives, prévues en mars.

Le député et ancien ministre Gideon Saar avait peu de chances de l’emporter face à Benjamin Netanyahu, à la tête du Likoud (droite) depuis 1993 – hormis six ans où le parti était dirigé par Ariel Sharon. Mais des résultats serrés auraient pu fragiliser le Premier ministre.

Les résultats partiels le créditent d’une facile victoire sur M. Saar. Le résultat officiel ne devrait pas être connu avant plusieurs heures.

Un sondage à la sortie des urnes donne M. Netanyahu vainqueur avec 71% des voix, devant M. Saar qui en a obtenu 29%.

« Une immense victoire! Merci aux membres du Likoud pour leur confiance, leur soutien et leur affection », a lancé M. Netanyahu sur Twitter peu après minuit, soit une heure après la fin du scrutin.

« Avec votre aide et celle de Dieu, je dirigerai le Likoud vers une grande victoire aux élections à venir et nous continuerons à mener l’Etat d’Israël vers des réussites sans précédentes », a-t-il poursuivi.

Gideon Saar a concédé sa défaite et félicité le chef du gouvernement. « Je suis satisfait de ma décision de me dresser » contre lui, a-t-il écrit sur Twitter. « Ceux qui ne veulent pas prendre de risque ne gagneront jamais ».

« Félicitations au Premier ministre (…). Mes collègues et moi serons derrière lui lors de la campagne pour assurer la victoire du Likoud aux élections », a-t-il ajouté.

Quelque 57.000 membres du parti ont voté pour cette primaire, réclamée par Gideon Saar après l’inculpation le mois dernier de M. Netanyahu, 70 ans, pour corruption, abus de confiance et fraude dans trois affaires.

Premier ministre le plus pérenne de l’histoire d’Israël, M. Netanyahu a dénoncé de « fausses accusations motivées par des considérations politiques » après l’annonce de son inculpation.

– Impasse politique –

Il a désormais la lourde tâche de mener la campagne du Likoud pour les législatives de mars, les troisièmes en moins d’un an.

Au terme des élections anticipées d’avril, puis de septembre, ni M. Netanyahu ni le centriste Benny Gantz, du parti « Bleu-Blanc » n’ont réussi à rallier 61 députés, seuil de la majorité parlementaire pour former un gouvernement.

Le président Reuven Rivlin a dû confier cette tâche au Parlement lui-même, qui n’y est pas parvenu non plus, précipitant le pays vers un scrutin de plus.

Pour sortir le pays de l’impasse, des députés devront changer de camp pour rejoindre soit celui de M. Gantz, soit celui de M. Netanyahu. A moins que les deux rivaux ne s’unissent.

Mais le parti « Bleu-Blanc » de Benny Gantz refuse de partager le pouvoir avec un Premier ministre inculpé. Face à M. Netanyahu, l’ancien chef de l’armée Benny Gantz joue la carte de la probité.

Une victoire à la primaire du Likoud était une étape cruciale pour le chef du gouvernement, qui doit rester en fonction au vu de son inculpation: la loi israélienne prévoit que tout ministre étant poursuivi pénalement doit démissionner, mais cela ne s’applique pas au Premier ministre.

Selon Gayil Talshir, professeur de science politique à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem, cette victoire à la primaire pourrait enhardir M. Netanyahu dans sa croisade contre son inculpation.

« Il va arguer que le peuple l’a choisi » et dénigrer encore davantage la justice, a-t-elle estimé.

« Tout l’enjeu pour Netanyahu est d’assurer une immunité, et pour cela il a besoin de 61 votes » au Parlement, soit la majorité permettant de former le gouvernement, a-t-elle ajouté.

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Israël: Netanyahu se proclame vainqueur de la primaire du Likoud

Rev Ondachi: My art and poetry spice my preaching

More by this Author

Reverend Edward Ondachi is many things rolled up into one. This pastor, poet and visual artist, who holds a BA in Bible and Theology and an MA in Leadership, is the founder and patron of The Art Fest – a platform that promotes artistic skill and prowess within the body of Christ and beyond. He has served as Lead Pastor at Nairobi Chapel, Ongata Rongai; Creative Director at Mavuno Church; Associate Pastor at Mamlaka Hill Chapel and Pastor at Nairobi Baptist Church.

How are you marking the Christmas holiday this year?

I consider Christmas a season and not a day so in my view,  Christmas is about the whole month of December. My focus this period is on family. We had a children’s presentation in church on the first Sunday of the month, a teens’ concert on the second Sunday and on the third week we had our big family Christmas concert led by an amazing choir that focuses on cancer awareness called TWA Kutuza trust. TWA is a 400 person choir that seeks to create awareness about cancer through music. We wrapped up the month last Sunday with a sermon on the wonders of Christmas.

Beyond people taking leave from work, buying gifts and reconnecting with loved ones, would you say that in Kenya, the Christmas season is serving its rightful purpose?

Yes I would. Christmas should be a time to take leave to rest from work, a time to buy and exchange gifts to remind ourselves of the gift that was born to the world on Christmas Day and to reconnect with loved ones. People generally and Kenyans in particular should ensure they also use the opportunity to connect with God who gave us the first gift of Christmas.

In the recent times, Christianity has been marred by media reports about dubious clerics using all sorts of means to make money. What are your insights about these and best ways for Christians to react to such issues?


According to the Bible not all who call Jesus Lord are real followers of Christ. Jesus said,” You shall know them by their fruits”. We are not called to judge people‘s hearts because there is only one judge. However, we are called to examine for ourselves the scriptures and see whether what a cleric is saying is Bible based.

Time, Chance, Potential, your autobiography weaves together all the major art forms you use – poetry, painting and writing. Why did you choose that approach?

Poetry, painting and writing have been my friends since childhood. At times, I feel like I found them waiting for me. Each of them is a gift and a passion for me. I have a natural love for words and have been painting and drawing since I was 10 years old. I find complete joy in expressing my feelings and attitudes through brush and pen. I find it more incredible that people appreciate the product of my passions.

Why did you choose to write an autobiography?

I started to tell my life story in short episodes and before I knew it, I had written nearly 25 stories spanning over a period of nearly 30 years. I gave the stories to my family and close friends to read. They loved the stories and that reaction convinced me that there may be something worth publishing.

Many parents still insist on their children getting into the more traditional careers such as teaching and medicine. What would you say to parents of artistic children?

Fortunately, the space for artistic expression in our country has opened up more. It wasn’t like that some 20 years ago. I would advise parents to seek advice in case they notice an artistic gift in their child which they may not understand. Today one can make a successful career as a writer, a painter, a musician, a poet, a comedian, an actor, a DJ or a script writer. The space has opened up tremendously.

You held your first art exhibition at the British Council at the age of 24. How did you get the opportunity?

Since I was about 10 years old, I was fascinated with artists and their world. So by the age of 24, I was ready to share with the world my interpretation of this deep fascination. It was literally bursting out of me so one day I walked up to the British Council gallery manager, showed her samples of my work and told her I would like to use their gallery to hold my first solo exhibition! I think she must have been so shocked by my boldness that she said yes! It was as simple as that and the rest as they say, is history. I was completely dumbfounded when the Nation published an article as the exhibition was going on describing me as “probably the best Christian painter Kenya had ever produced”.

What has been your biggest challenge in your service of God, so far?

It is helping artists to find their place in church and use their gifts to serve others and to earn a living from them. The church in Kenya and Africa has a whole as yet to fully realise and appreciate its artists. As a pastor and artist I have found myself playing the dual and unique role of being able to see the church as an artist sees it and see the artist as a pastor or the church sees him or her.

For this reason, I am the current patron of the ArtFest, a platform set to encourage artists to utilise their skills and talents within the church and beyond.

Does The Church have a role to play in governance on matters such as speaking out against corruption? Would you agree with critics who say The Church has lost its voice?

Yes the church has to be seen as the barometer and moral compass of society. We need the voices of Timothy Njoya, Alexander Muge and Father Kaiser in our country. I believe that such voices are still present in the Church but we certainly need many more men and women of the cloth who are as chivalrous.

What is your favourite undergraduate memory.

The discovery that I could still paint, draw and write and be a pastor!

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Sharon, unborn son ‘forgotten’ as Obado case drags on in court

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It is year and four months since the body of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno was found in a thicket near Oyugis.

While the macabre killing of the student and her unborn baby left Kenyans in shock, the murder case is still dragging on.

The public outrage has dissipated.

The political drama, posturing and opportunistic promises disappeared with the lowering of Sharon and her son’s coffins into their graves.

On September 4, this year, the family of Sharon commemorated the deaths in a low key event.

The commemoration only attracted a handful of neighbours, friends and relatives.


Kenyans are very fast at forgetting. However, families affected by such tragedies usually bear the brunt of pain and grief.

Top politicians capitalised on the killings to appear on TV, radio and newspaper headlines.

When her body was found and Migori Governor Okoth Obado and some of his aides mentioned as the prime suspects, the issue suddenly became political ammunition.

Leaders shed crocodile tears, demanding “the immediate arrest and prosecution of the killers of Sharon and her son”.

Contacted recently, some of those who were loud at the time of the gruesome find said the ongoing case bars them from commenting on the matter, lest they are changed with contempt of court.

But does that mean it also stops them from attending the murder anniversary?

During the one year anniversary of the deaths, no politician called for speedy conclusion of the case facing Mr Obado.

Sharon’s parents, Mr Douglas Otieno, and Ms Melida Auma, said they believe they have been abandoned “by the loudest noise-makers” at their most critical time.

They said they expected politicians and other leaders to push for justice for their daughter and their unborn grandson.

The distraught family complained of being abandoned. The politicians, they said, should not be taking advantage of calamities to give pledges they cannot fulfil.

“All we want is justice for Sharon and our grandson son,” Mr Otieno told the Nation.

He and his wife pleaded with the Judiciary to speed up the case against the accused.

“Finding someone guilty will give us some closure. We’ve lived with the grief and pain for more than a year. It’s not an experience any parent should go through,” he said.

The grieving parents said they have confidence that individuals would be found guilty of the killings and punished.

Sharon’s killing happened during the Migori Senate seat by-election campaigns.

The Orange Democratic Movement brigade used the killings as its campaign arsenal against Governor Obado’s group, which supported Jubilee candidate Eddy Oketch, while Mr Ochillo Ayacko carried the ODM flag.

ODM party leader Raila Odinga also used the murders to campaign for Mr Ayacko. He condemned the slaying of the university student, describing the killers as “witches”.

A postmortem indicated that Sharon was stabbed in the belly and that the weapon killed her and the unborn son.

Days after the killing, Governor Obado admitted that Sharon was his girlfriend.

Detectives and government scientists confirmed that the baby Sharon was carrying was, indeed, Governor Obado’s.

“The chances of Zackary Okoth Obado being the biological father of the child are 99.99 per cent,” the DNA report by the scientists made public later said. “He is the donor of the DNA generated from the foetus, that is Sharon Belyne Otieno’s child.”

The High Court in Nairobi released the county boss on a Sh5 million bail.

Obado’s co-accused, who are also his confidants, are Mr Michael Oyamo and Mr Caspal Obiero.

Sharon’s parents, relatives, friends, neighbours and Rongo University students and staff called on politicians and other leaders to honour their pledge in supporting her children.

“We thank the media for their support by continuously highlighting what has been taking place,” Ms Auma said during the anniversary of the killings. “Our family will forever remain grateful.”

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Three die in Eldoret-Kitale road crash

Mini bus collides with a van on the Eldoret-Kitale road

Bruce Lee's daughter sues fast food chain for using father's image

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A company run by Bruce Lee’s daughter is suing a Chinese fast food chain for allegedly using an image of the late martial arts film star without permission.

Shannon Lee’s Bruce Lee Enterprises accuses restaurant chain Kungfu Catering Management of having used her father’s image for 15 years in a logo without paying intellectual property rights.

The food chain responded Thursday by saying the logo had long been authorised by Chinese authorities.

“We’re confused that we are prosecuted many years later. We’re actively studying the case and preparing to respond,” the company said in a statement posted on China’s Twitter-like Weibo platform.

According to the Chinese internet portal, Shannon Lee asked the food chain to immediately stop using her father’s image, clarify for 90 consecutive days that it has nothing to do with Bruce Lee, and pay compensation of 210 million yuan (US$30 million).


The Guangzhou-based restaurant chain known as Real Kung Fu (Zhen Gongfu in Mandarin) was founded in 1990. Since 2004 its logo has featured image of a dark-haired man in a kung fu pose who looks like Bruce Lee.

The founder of the chain said it has more than 600 stores across the country, with a total asset value of over five billion yuan, according to Chinese media.

It ranked among the top 10 fast-food companies in China last year on a list issued by China Cuisine Association.

Bruce Lee Enterprises in Los Angeles handles merchandising and licensing of Bruce Lee’s image and aims to keep the martial artist’s energy alive, its official website showed.

Shannon Lee, who has taken over the company from her mother, has been involved in the preservation of her father’s legacy for around two decades.