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Wednesday, September 4th, 2019


Record 6.3 million people in Sudan facing food crisis

A record 6.3 million people in Sudan are experiencing a food crisis. The number, which accounts for 14 per cent of the country’s population, is the highest on record since the introduction of Integrated Food Security Phase Classification analysis in Sudan in 2007.

Significant macroeconomic challenges which have resulted in high inflation rates, soaring food prices and shortages of foreign currency and cash are the main drivers of the current crisis.

Read more on UNOCHA.

Malawi President hosts Nyasa Big Bullets and Mighty Beforward Wanderers football clubs

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, Wednesday, 4th September, 2019 met with Nyasa Big Bullets and Mighty Beforward Wanderers football clubs at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre


Good afternoon and welcome to Sanjika Palace.

Please feel at home. For those who don’t know, I like sports. Specifically, I like football.

In fact, Sports is an important discipline of life. It teaches us teamwork, concentration, determination and setting goals.

No wonder, footballers are some of the best achievers in the world.

I would like to encourage you to work hard and put Malawi on the map for good reasons. As footballers, you are the flag bearers of your country.

Many people want to make Malawi known to the world for negative reasons.

But I urge you to love your country. You must bear the flag of your country with pride for good reasons.

As Government, I pledge that we will always be there to support you. Count on my support at all times.

I am aware that you have many challenges. Let us always try to face our challenges as a team. You must think of Government as one of your team members.

Whenever you have challenges you cannot face alone, consult with the Sports Council and the Ministry. We will always be listening.

My Government will always support football. That is why I decided to construct the stadiums for Bullets and Wanderers.

I know there are people who are opposed to this development. But these are people who do not wish you well. So, let us ignore them.

We cannot build these stadiums in one day. But we will build them, and soon for that matter.

The question of why Government is constructing stadiums to private clubs does not arise. My answer to this criticism is that we are developing football in this country. Besides, these stadiums will always be used and enjoyed by the public.

Let me urge Malawians to take into the spirit of contributing to the development of football in the country. I call upon the private sector to support Government in developing football in the country.

To managers of football in the country, I have a few words for you.

I would like to commend you for cultivating discipline in your supporters. We have seen a remarkable decline in football hooliganism and violence.

When it comes to taming violence and disciplining your followers, you are doing far much better than political leaders in this country. Well done!

I also want to commend you for taking the route of commercializing sports. That is the way to go!

But let me also urge you to put the life and welfare of your players first. Always allow your players, especially the young ones, to continue with their education.

I know football managers who take youthful players from their homes, take them out of school and bring them to Blantyre or Lilongwe only for them to get stranded. This practice must stop.

Also make sure that your players are always disciplined. Football thrives with education and discipline. It is always nice to have players who are educated and are disciplined. That is how we can put Malawi on the map with football.

Once again, I thank you for coming to visit me


Soccer-Liberia win on opening day of African World Cup qualifiers

CAPE TOWN, Sept 4 (Reuters) – Liberia needed two penalties and a calamitous defensive error to beat Sierra Leone 3-1 on the first day of 2022 World Cup qualifying in Africa as the continent’s smaller teams enjoyed a rare moment in the global spotlight.

Together with the tiny Red Sea state of Djibouti, Liberia were the only home winners in eight first-round first-leg ties.

Djibouti won for only the second time in 12 years as they edged Eswatini 2-1 with Hamza Idleh scoring the 74th-minute winner.

Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Namibia won away while Equatorial Guinea, Lesotho and Tanzania forced away draws to give themselves a good chance of advancing.

The 28 bottom-ranked countries in Africa are participating in the first knockout round, with the winners moving onto next year’s group stage where they will be joined by the 26 top-ranked teams and placed into 10 groups of four.

More first-round first-leg matches are being played on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the second legs scheduled for Sunday and Tuesday.

Liberia, cheered on by the country’s president and former world footballer of the year George Weah, were ahead in the 18th minute after Terrence Tisdell converted a spot-kick but Sierra Leone, playing a first international since the lifting of a year-long FIFA ban, equalised through Iceland-based Kwame Quee.

But another penalty eight minutes from time and a third goal from captain Sam Johnson, as he took advantage of mix-up in the visiting defence, gave Liberia’s new English coach Peter Butler a winning start.

A late penalty from centre back Nanu gave Guinea Bissau a 1-0 win at Sao Tome e Principe while Telinho’s ninth-minute goal for Mozambique earned them victory by the same scoreline in Mauritius.

Namibia beat Eritrea 2-1 away in Asmara as an own goal proved decisive.

Equatorial Guinea, with Sassuolo midfielder Pedro Obiang dominant in midfield, had the better of South Sudan in Khartoum but conceded a late own goal to draw the match 1-1.

South Sudan, forced to play on neutral territory because their only major stadium is being renovated, beefed up their line-up with players from Australia, where a large refugee community was established more than a decade ago during the civil war with Sudan.

It was the work on the left-hand side of Melbourne Victory’s Kenny Athiu that set up the equaliser. (Reporting by Mark Gleeson; Editing by Ed Osmond)

USAID provides additional $21 million to contain Ebola outbreak in DR Congo

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Office of Press Relations

The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is providing more than $21 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help end the ongoing outbreak of Ebola in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This brings total USAID funding for the Ebola response efforts to nearly $158 million since the beginning of the outbreak in August 2018, including for regional preparedness activities in neighboring countries.

With this funding, the United States is working with partners to provide life-saving assistance, including measures to prevent and control infections in health facilities, enhanced disease surveillance, training for health care workers, communities, promotion of safe and dignified burials, and food to support people and efforts to engage communities affected by Ebola.

The United States is also supporting regional preparedness efforts in the Republic of Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Uganda. The funding announced today is in addition to contributions from other U.S. Government Departments and Agencies and the U.S. private sector.

In addition to being the second-largest outbreak of Ebola on record, this crisis has a unique set of challenges. The disease has taken root in an active conflict area that has been facing years of ongoing fighting. On top of navigating the continuing insecurity, responders are also working to build trust in a region where decades of exploitation and marginalization have led to a strong distrust of outsiders. Despite these challenges, the United States remains committed to helping the people affected by this outbreak. The United States is the largest single country donor to the Ebola response, and has a Disaster Assistance Response Team made up of disaster and health experts from USAID and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This team continues to work with the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa, humanitarian partners, and the Government of the DRC to help contain this outbreak and bring it under control.

Stopping the spread of Ebola requires a concerted, unified effort from the entire international community including the United Nations, United States, and regional countries – all in close partnership with the Government of the DRC and local communities. USAID is pleased with the progress on the fourth Strategic Response Plan for the outbreak under the leadership of UN Ebola Coordinator David Gressly and is looking forward to scaling up assistance and continuing to advocate for an integrated multi-sector response. USAID strongly encourages other donors to provide additional support to help end the outbreak.

Dialogue social: Les négociations Gouvernement – Centrales syndicales s’ouvre ce jeudi

En prélude à la rentrée scolaire 2019-2020, les négociations Gouvernement – Centrales et Confédérations syndicales démarrent ce jeudi 5 septembre  à l’Infosec de Cotonou. De sources proches du ministère du Travail et de la Fonction publique, le point crucial de cette rencontre concerne les préparatifs pour la rentrée des classes. Les membres du gouvernement vont échanger avec les partenaires sociaux sur les différents points revendicatifs en vue d’une année scolaire apaisée. Faut-il le rappeler, la précédente année scolaire s’est déroulée dans de bonnes conditions et sans aucune grève. Signalons que la rentrée scolaire 2019-2020 est prévue pour le 16 septembre prochain sur toute l’étendue du territoire national

Urgent support needed for violence-affected women and girls in DR Congo

ITURI PROVINCE, Democratic Republic of the Congo – Several weeks ago, a woman brought her 11-year-old daughter, Anne*, to a UNFPA-supported health facility. Their family had been uprooted by the conflict in Ituri Province and, in the chaos, Anne was sexually assaulted.

A nurse welcomed the girl, who was too terrified to speak. With a lot of time and patience, clinic staff helped Anne feel comfortable enough to tell her story and consent to an examination. A social worker began to help her through the healing process.

Tragically, Anne’s experience is far from unique. Thousands of women and girls in Ituri Province have been subjected to gender-based violence, as have women and girls in conflict-affected North Kivu and South Kivu.

“Since the beginning of the year we have seen an escalation of various forms of violence against women and girls in conflict-affected areas of Ituri, North Kivu and South Kivu,” said Sennen Hounton, UNFPA’s representative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Extreme deprivation has increased the risk of exploitation, as well. “Women and girls are not only exposed to sexual violence during conflict or displacement,” he noted. “Given a lack of opportunities, displaced women and girls are turning to survival sex to meet basic needs such as health care and food.”

In the first half of 2019, some 17,000 survivors of gender-based violence received support from humanitarian actors in the country, including UNFPA, with major gaps in service observed in key hotspots.

Preventing sexual exploitation and abuse

The United Nations Office of the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates that hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the crises in Ituri, North Kivu and South Kivu. The ongoing Ebola outbreak has only exacerbated the vulnerabilities of women and girls.

UNFPA is working with partners to extend access to vital reproductive health services, including care for survivors of gender-based violence, and to protect women and girls from sexual exploitation and abuse.

Anne was able to receive medical and psychosocial care through services funded by the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) and implemented by UNFPA. Between the end of April and the end of July, UNFPA was able to provide reproductive health care to 70,000 people, and provide critical information and outreach to 600,000 more. These funds will also be able to support an estimated 19,000 safe deliveries and extend access to modern contraceptives to 17,000 women in six crisis-affected provinces of the country.

But the needs continue to outstrip available resources. In North Kivu, for instance, fewer than 30 per cent of health zones affected by Ebola are covered by services to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, even though such violence tends to increase in humanitarian crises.

“We estimate that the humanitarian community needs $91.7 million US dollars, including $44 million for North Kivu, South Kivu and Ituri, to protect women and girls from gender-based violence risks and care for at least 37,500 survivors of violence in 2019,” said Noemi Dalmonte, an expert with UNFPA. “But we are far from reaching this target.”

Urging action

Today, Anne and her mother are living in a camp for displaced persons in Bunia. It is not safe for them to return home, but they have found safety in a temporary shelter. There, Anne has access to a playground and friends.

UNFPA is urging more support for the women and girls of the country.

“I hereby request the donor community to activate commitments that were made at the recent conference in Oslo on Ending Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Emergencies, in the DRC,” Mr. Hounton said. “Responders to gender-based violence need renewed support to ensure that life-saving and survivor-centred care is available for women and girls at the very start of a crisis.”

He added, “We need to prioritize the current hotspots to save lives of Congolese women now.”

The overall humanitarian action plan in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is funded at only 30 per cent.

*Name changed for protection and privacy

Entregan respiradores y lentes a pobladores cercanos al volcán Ubinas en Perú

Como medida de prevención ante el proceso eruptivo del volcán Ubinas, ubicado en Moquegua, desde el lunes 2 de setiembre se distribuyen respiradores con filtro y lentes para niños y adultos en los albergues de Anascapa, Tonohaya, San Carlos de Tite, Phara y Sacohaya.

Así lo precisó personal del Espacio de Monitoreo de Emergencias y Desastres (EMED) Salud de la Gerencia Regional de Salud (Geresa) Moquegua y añadió que el riego en la afectación de la salud de las personas disminuyó debido a la ubicación de la población en el albergue temporal.

El Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Regional (COER) Moquegua recomendó a los pobladores de Ubinas que se encuentran realizando sus actividades agrícolas, que retornen al albergue de Anascapa.

Por su parte, el responsable del EMED Salud de la Geresa Puno, indicó que la Red de Salud Chucuito reportó que los distritos ubicados al sureste de Moquegua: Santa Rosa, Capaso y Pisacoma reportaron incremento en los vientos con percepciones leves de olores característicos, asociados al evento.

Como se recuerda, las 5 explosiones que registró el volcán Ubinas entre el 19 y 22 de julio pasado, dejó 29,703 personas afectadas en varios distritos de Moquegua, Arequipa, Tacna y Puno. También se dañaron 617 colegios y 20 establecimientos de salud. Además, se afectaron 301,952 animales y se perdieron 5,137 cultivos, de acuerdo al reporte del Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil (Indeci).

RSA Xenophobia: SCOAN’s Prophet TB Joshua addresses renewed attacks 

Xenophobia: SCOAN's Prophet TB Joshua Addresses Renewed Attacks (Video)

Xenophobia: SCOAN's Prophet TB Joshua Addresses Renewed Attacks (Video)

The Way To Maintain Your Blessing – TB Joshua (Photo: Emmanuel TV)

LAGOS-(MaraviPost)-The leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet T. B Joshua, has condemned xenophobic attacks by South Africans, Concise News reports.

This news medium understands that the renewed xenophobic attacks started on Sunday with several lives and properties lost already.

In a video, apparently an old one, shared by SCOAN, Prophet T.B Joshua had called for cooperation among Africans.

According to the clergyman, it is with unity that the African continent can develop and not strike towards each other.

“No African country can succeed alone. Africans need each other to develop. Dear Africans, we should not let other fellow Africans feel unwelcome to our countries,” he said in the video.

“Whether you are poor, rich, immigrant or refugee – EVERYONE has a contribution to make.”

“No African country can succeed alone. Africans need each other to develop. Dear Africans, we should not let other fellow Africans feel unwelcome to our countries. Whether you are poor, rich, immigrant or refugee – EVERYONE has a contribution to make.” – TB Joshua #Xenophobia

— TB Joshua (@SCOANTBJoshua) September 3, 2019

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, on Tuesday, revealed that the Nigerian government would ‘take up” the issue of attack on Nigerians with the South African government.

Concise News understands that Osinbajo made this known while addressing journalists in Kano State, he said, the measure was to ensure that such attack “does not repeat itself.”

”President Muhammadu Buhari has dispatched a Special Envoy to convey to his South African counterpart, President Cyril Ramaphosa, his concerns and also interact with his South African counterpart on the situation,” the statement added.

”Also, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Geoffrey Onyeama, acting on the instruction of Mr President, has summoned the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria to get a brief on the situation.”

Scandalous! Zari and Diamond both staying at the same hotel -Trump’s!

Diamond And Zari

Diamond And Zari

Wow! I never saw this twist coming! Who would have thought that in a huge, wide world, Diamond Platnumz and Zari would have been in the same area. Or perhaps they would have wound up in the same hotel?

Well, that is if you believe what Tanzanian media is spewing up about the two. And who can blame them? The Tanzanian social media sleuths have been digging up photos as evidence that the two are at the same hotel, one of Trump’s and this is the result:

When we at Kiss 100, however, checked and guess what, Zari is in Chicago and there is a Trump hotel there. Diamond is in New York following his performance there over the weekend.

Image result for scandalous+gif

Image result for scandalous+gif

No, really,

Another reason why this is a very likely rumour is because we know for a fact that Zari has immense animus towards Diamond. After all, there is no coitus experience quite as passionate as coitus that occurs after a fight right? Hmmm?

Évaluation diagnostique: Le gouvernement offre une ultime chance aux enseignants

Le Conseil des ministres du mercredi 4 septembre a accédé à la demande des partenaires sociaux souhaitant que les enseignants qui ont manqué l’évaluation diagnostique puissent disposer d’une seconde chance.

Samedi 7 septembre prochain, les enseignants de la promotion 2008 qui ont manqué l’évaluation du samedi 24 août dernier pourront se rattraper. Tous les absents à cette première évaluation ont été autorisés par le gouvernement à prendre part à une session spéciale samedi prochain. Ultime chance laissée aux malades et autres absents qui ont choisi ne pas prendre part à la première évaluation. Pour rappel, ils sont quelques 18045 enseignants de la promotion 2008 concernés par cette évaluation. Laquelle avait suscité quelques craintes de la part de certains d’entre eux qui craignaient pour leurs emplois. La première évaluation avait tout de même connu un important taux de participation estimé à plus de 75%.  

« Le gouvernement ne résiliera aucun contrat ni avant l’évaluation, ni pendant l’évaluation, ni après l’évaluation à moins que l’enseignant choisisse de son propre chef de démissionner », avaient clarifié les responsables syndicaux pour apaiser les esprits à l’avant-veille de la retenue pour jauger les connaissances de ces enseignants. De leurs explications, il ressort qu’après l’évaluation, les enseignants qui obtiendront une note supérieure ou égale à 10 seront déclarés admis et vont acquérir le statut de fonctionnaires de l’Etat. Ceux qui seront en dessous du seuil mentionné supra, subiront une formation modulaire et ce, en continuant par exercer leurs activités professionnelles tout en conservant leurs salaires jusqu’à une seconde évaluation, rassure le porte-parole des six centrales et confédérations. Au terme de la seconde évaluation, les admis signeront un contrat avec l’Etat tandis que le dernier groupe sera reconverti dans d’autres activités au sein de l’administration publique.